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May 11, 2022, 04:00 PM

Navigating Cyber Risk When Technology is Part of the Problem and the Solution

A talk by Lori Bailey, Elizabeth Blosfield, Roman Itskovich and Bill Keogh Corvus Insurance, Carrier Management, At-Bay & Eos Venture Partners

As cyber risk is increasing, technology is also advancing to help industries like insurance stay on top of the changing threat landscape. But as the use of technology grows, so do the threats. Technological tools are creating more points of entry for cyber criminals within networks, and data and personal information is increasingly stored digitally. This panel discussion will explore the challenges related to the increased use of technology in insurance, as well as the ways in which insurance technology providers are stepping in to provide solutions for cyber risk. Panelists will discuss how insurers and tech providers can work together to navigate a challenging landscape and the most important steps insurers can take to use technology to their benefit and minimize harm.

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