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Change and Agility

Change is constant, and in InsurTech, that's no exception. The industry is weathering difficulties such as concerns about climate change, cyber risk, inflation and talent gaps, along with a tough economic environment and investor hesitancy.

Experts say change is likely on the horizon, and the key to turning it into opportunity is by tapping into something that should be at every startup's core: agility.

At this year's InsurTech Summit, learn how the biggest players in the space are navigating all of this and find out the best ways to embrace change and stay agile in 2023 and beyond.

Summit Topics

Climate change.

The impact of changing weather and climate patterns on insurer business is leading more InsurTechs to step in and help the industry weather these storms.


The use of data can provide many benefits for customer acquisition, underwriting, and claims efficiency, but it can also lead to challenges if not harnessed correctly.


Managing funding rounds can be difficult during a period of economic uncertainty, and InsurTechs are sharing their biggest road blocks and secrets to success.


InsurTechs are helping carriers manage the underwriting process and introduce new efficiencies with the use of data and analytics.


Automation and artificial intelligence are transforming the claims process, and for many in the insurance industry, keeping pace with the changes means pulling ahead of the competition.

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