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Alacriti helps insurers provide the modern payment experience that today’s policyholder demands through the Orbipay platform. Orbipay EBPP provides flexibility and convenience with various payment channels (mobile, Facebook Messenger, intelligent assistants), payment methods (ACH, credit/debit cards), and payment options (one-time, recurring, autopay). Orbipay Digital Disbursements empowers insurers to initiate payouts to their policyholders directly and instantly, without the burden of paper checks. With Alacriti, deliver a better customer experience, streamline operations, and accelerate cash flow while reducing costs. 

Arturo is a deep learning spin-out from American Family Insurance relentlessly committed to delivering highly accurate physical property characteristic data and predictive analysis for residential and commercial properties for use in the Property & Casualty (P&C) Insurance, Reinsurance, Lending, and Securities markets.

Leveraging the latest satellite, aerial, and ground-level imagery, as well as unique proprietary data sources, Arturo’s deep learning models provide differentiated property data unparalleled by any other provider - often in seconds.

OneShield provides solutions for P&C insurers and MGAs of all sizes. Deployed in the cloud, our portfolio of standalone, subscription and As-a-Service products includes enterprise-class policy management, billing, claims, rating, product configuration, business intelligence, and smart analytics. OneShield automates and simplifies the complexities of core systems with targeted solutions, seamless upgrades, collaborative implementations, and lower total cost of ownership. With corporate headquarters in Marlborough, MA, and offices in India, OneShield has 70+ products in production across P&C and specialty insurance markets.